Why no action was taken against Himanta for ‘Jai Bangladesh’ comment

Why neither Assam Police nor NIA did not take action against Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma for his “Jai Bangladesh” remark in the Assembly two years ago.

The RSS and its remote controlled BJP in the Centre and the States say that we won’t give protection to anyone for any act that is against the law. Surprisingly the nation witnesses that the Assam police inaction against BJP MPs and Ministers found taking the law into their hands.

Let the organisations going after Indian White Paper talk about the person who shouted the ‘Jai Bangladesh’ slogan in the Assembly. Why was no action taken against the Chief Minister? is he above the board ?

The issue was raked up in the wake of the arrest of Congress MLA, Sherman Ali Ahmed for his provocative statement on the killing of eight youth at Darrang during the Assam Agitation in 1983. The statement had triggered protests in parts of the state, much to Congress’ embarrassment.

The party served a show-cause notice on Ahmed and is likely to suspend him by Sunday night.

Following his arrest, the MLA had demanded, “Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma should be arrested for making communal remarks”.

In December 2019, Sarma, who was then serving as a minister, had made the statement when some members of the Opposition were protesting the introduction of Citizenship (Amendment) Bill in the Assembly. Later, an FIR was filed against him.

The Constitution of India and the law have fixed accountability for the police and the Governing bodies who take oath to follow the Constitution but when they come to power deliberately continue their inaction to put such persons behind the bars.

It is clear that the police is functioning under the dictation of the Ministers and the MLAs. Will the Police Act now atleast.

In continuous breach of the Constitution and making Assam a jungle raj, and miffed over Ahmed’s provocative statement, BJP legislator Diganta Kalita said the Congress MLA should be driven out of the state.

“He should be driven out of Assam. Let him serve as an MLA in Bangladesh. We feel ashamed that he sits alongside other elected members in the Assembly,” Kalita abused the Constituion of India and law deliberately.

Shameless Kalita alleged the Congress MLA was working in the interest of the “Miyas” (Bengali Muslims) and not the Assamese.