Why Government is running away from PNB scam discussion ?

Written by IWP

The Narendra Modi government is killing democracy by orchestrating protests on various issues in the Parliament to avoid discussing the Punjab National Bank (PNB) scam.

All these are government-sponsored agitations that are meant to adjourn the Houses and issues like the constitutional amendment, the Telugu Desam Party’s demand for special status to Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu’s call to set up the Cauvery Management Board, while TRS of Telangana demands exclusive powers of the State to give reservations.

They are finding excuses to avoid discussing the Nirav Modi and PNB scandal. While the Congress is wanting to take up the issue through an adjournment motion since the Parliament session began and despite giving daily notice and meeting the Speaker, the government has been rejecting their demand as it wants to keep the scam away from public eye, that is unfair.

The government generally goes on passing the bills and demands even when the opposition leaders are agitating in front of the presiding officer’s podium. But in last few days, it has been adjourning the houses within two minutes of protest by their alliance and supporting leaders including NDA ministers, the nation does not understand the game plan and political maneuvering of the BJP in cornering the common man

It’s the job of Parliamentary Affairs Minister and the leader of the House the Prime Minister to run the House. Even the Prime Minister has remained silent and in fact, the government is defaming the opposition by blaming them for adjournments, but it is an inner game plan of the BJP.

The Opposition demands discussion on six issues on social justice, farmers, railways, road and transport, health and family welfare, and youth affairs but unfortunately, they were not given the time.

In a shocking and dismayed line of events, suddenly at 2 a.m., opposition leader receives an agenda saying guillotine will happen for all the six issues and other bills like supplementary bill, appropriation bill, and finance bill. If all these have to be done on guillotine or voice vote, then why call the Parliament and waste the considerable money paid by the taxpayers.

The nation wants time for discussion but the government surely does not want that and is running away from it. This is an attempt to finish democracy. Please save democracy and the very objective of the highest House of the People.

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