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When India reforms, the world transforms: PM Modi at 76th UNGA summit

New York (US): Addressing the 76th session at UN General Assembly, PM Narendra Modi spoke on a wide variety of topics- from COVID and how the pandemic changed our outlook, India’s vaccine programme and the country’s vibrant democracy.

Hailing India’s democracy, Modi said, “I represent a country which is known as the ‘Mother of Democracy’. Democracy has been India’s great tradition since thousands of years. India is a great example of vibrant democracy. Our democracy is recognised by its diversity.” He said that, ” When India reforms, the world transforms.”

The PM said, “Yes, democracy can deliver. Yes, democracy has delivered. Today is birth anniversary of Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya, the proponent of ‘Ekatma Manav Darshan’, meaning integral humanism or the development journey taken together, the expansion from self to universe.”

The PM spoke about India’s vaccine programme. He added, “I would like to inform the UNGA that India has developed the world’s first DNA vaccine. This can be administered to anyone above the age of 12. An mRNA vaccine is in the final stages of development. Indian scientists are also developing a nasal vaccine against COVID19: “Our oceans are also the lifeline of international trade. We must protect them from the race for expansion. The international community must speak in one voice to strengthen a rule-based world order,” PM Modi said.

Here’s his speech:

He also spoke about inclusive development. “It is with the principle (of ‘antyodaya’ — where no one is left behind) in mind that India today is moving forward on path of integrated equitable development. Our priority is that development should be all inclusive, all pervasive, universal and one that nurtures all,” PM Modi.