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Varun Gandhi for discussing pension, perks of parliamentarians before questioning freebies to public

NEW DELHI: BJP MP Varun Gandhi on Wednesday said before questioning freebies given to the public, there should be a discussion on the pension and perks of parliamentarians.

Referring to his party leader Sushil Modi’s notice in the Rajya Sabha demanding a discussion on “ending the culture of freebies”, Gandhi in a tweet said, “Before pointing fingers at the relief given to the public, we should look within.

” He further said, “Why not start the discussion by doing away with all other facilities including pensions for MPs”.

In another tweet, Gandhi raised the issue of rising prices of LPG cylinders and said crores of beneficiaries of the Ujjawala scheme are not able to afford a refill.

“In the last five years, 4.13 crore people could not afford a single refill of LPG, while 7.67 crore refilled it only once.With rising prices of gas used for domestic purposes and negligible subsidies, ‘Ujjwala chulhas’ of the poor are extinguished,” Gandhi said.

“Is this how the promise of ‘clean fuel, better life’ going to be fulfilled?”