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Turpu Kapus claim credit over MLC win

Srikakulam: Turpu Kapu caste leaders claimed credit over winning of Uttarandhra graduates constituency MLC seat by the TDP candidate, V Chiranjeevi Rao.

They are also expressed their dissent over domination of Polinati Velama leaders, Dharmana Krishnadas, who served as deputy CM and his younger brother, revenue minister, Dharmana Prasada Rao in Srikakulam district.

Turpu Kapu caste is the largest voters’ chunk in Uttarandhra area and they are unable to take domination of Polinati Velama caste leaders as the caste people occupied fourth place in Uttarandhra.

In Srikakulam, Turpu Kapu caste leaders expected MLC seat from local bodies’ quota but it was allotted to Yadava community leader, Narthu Rama Rao. Since then Turpu Kapu leaders express their dissent against the ruling YSRCP.

Opposition TDP cashed the dissent of Turpu Kapus and elevated V Chiranjeevi Rao as the candidate for MLC who is also belongs to TurpuKapu caste.

Leaders belonging to Turpu Kapu caste within the ruling YSRCP and Jana Sena party supported the TDP candidate to teach a lesson to YSRCP in MLC elections.

TDP candidate, V Chiranjeevi Rao won over YSRCP candidate S Sudhakar with 27,208 votes’ majority.