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TS gearing up to fight against Centre over grain procurement: Minister Gangula Kamalakar

Karimnagar: Karimnagar Agricultural Market Committee’s new governing body sworn in at a ceremony here on Friday. Reddaveni Madhu Mudiraj as AMC Chairman, Uppu Rajasekhar as Vice Chairman and 12 others, Karnati Chalmaiah, Pabbati Rangareddy, Gunti Rajamallu, Somireddy Lakshmareddy, Goli Mallaiah, Gangadhara Lasmaiah, Gundeti Anitha, Chandrapalkala Anjaiah, Bonala Janardhan, Mohammad Pasha, Mundada Vijay Kumar and Sivanathuni Venkateswarlu sworn in as Directors.

Additional Collector Shyam Prasad Lal administered oath with the new Chairman, Vice Chairmanand Directors of the Governing Body in the presence of Civil Supplies Minister Gangula Kamalakar.

Speaking on the occasion the Minister said Telangana farmers are facing problems as the Centre denied taking rice grown by them. Telangana is once again preparing to fight with the Central government over the purchase of grain. It was the center’s responsibility to buy paddy grown by Telangana farmers.

There were still problems in States ruled by the BJP Congress, such as drinking water, electricity and others. BJP and Congress parties were credited with creating clashes between religions for power, Kamalakar said.

The government was moving ahead with the support of the people of Telangana. 60 percent people in Telangana want KCR government. Congress and BJP parties were spewing venom on Telangana which was stable and growing. The rulers of Seemandhra were conspiring against Telangana.

They would not hesitate to demolish the Kaleshwaram project built by the Telangana government to provide irrigation water to AP.

Only KCR has the guts to save the Telangana that he fought for and no one else has that power. Telangana land was its people hence all the people have to protect Telangana and its government, Kamalakar said.

He sought to know why YS Sharmila and KA Paul came to Telangana adding that both Congress and BJP were New Delhi parties only TRS was Telangana’s party.