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TRS to conduct public tours to study schemes in other States

Hyderabad: As part of the plans to attract the people from neighbouring States and explaining to those in the State what the TRS government was doing for them, the party leaders including MLAs from border districts would be taking groups of people to the districts in neighbouring States.

The leaders are planning to have interaction between the people of the two States differentiating the schemes of governments in their States. This comes after the Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao while addressing public meetings recently, advised the party leaders to take the people from their constituencies to the border districts of neighbouring States to show whether there were schemes which matches the Telangana government schemes.

The Chief Minister during his visit to Vikarabad, Tandur specifically asked the MLAs to take at least 500 members from each constituency to the bordering districts like Raichur and nearby places. The Chief Minister had told the people to have a discussion after going to the villages about what the TRS had done during the last seven years.

The party leaders said that the TRS chief wanted to use the popularity of the schemes and talk to the people and create a thought process that they should also get schemes like the people of Telangana.

According to the party leaders, the MLAs would be taking the people and are likely to have a discussion among the people. This would also hog the media limelight and a discussion would also take place on the need for the schemes like Telangana. “We have schemes, which have become models for various State governments.

The Rythu Bandhu has been copied by the Centre and renamed it to Kisan Samman. The schemes like Rythu Beema, Kalyana Lakshmi, pensions for different sections and Dalit Bandhu now have become popular. We will tell people of the neighbouring States that the BJP was trying to stop the welfare schemes in the name of freebees,” said a TRS MLA.

At a time when the Chief Minister is aspiring for national politics with his new political party, the MLAs are taking people to the neighbouring states. It would be interesting to see whether the neighbouring states would allow the MLAs to hold meetings with the people in their state.