Traffic restrictions at Falaknuma for six months

Hyderabad: In view of the construction of a Road over Bridge (RoB) parallel to the existing RoB on Secunderabad-Falaknuma broad gauge line, the Hyderabad traffic on Friday imposed traffic restriction in Falaknuma.

The restrictions will be imposed for a period of six months starting from March 1.

Vehicles coming from MBNR crossroad towards Enginebowli will get diverted through old Chandrayangutta, Suahana function hall, graveyard, KM Lucky Star hotel, Kandikal Gate flyover, Ramaswamy gunj, Lal Darwaza temple, Venkat Rao Memorial School, Nagulchinta crossroads, Shah Ghouse restaurant, Aliabad, Shamsheergunj and Enginebowli. However, no vehicles will not be allowed on his route.

Traffic from MBNR crossroad will also be diverted through Hashamabad, Bandlaguda, Pallecheruvu, Mailardevpally X-road, My Feel hotel, Vattepally road, Railway gate, Vattepally X-road, Railway gate and Engine Bowli junction.

On the other hand, heavy vehicles will be diverted from MBNR crossroads towards Enginebowli via Hashamabad, Bandlaguda X-road, Moghal college, Pallecheruv X-road, Mailardevpally X-road, Durga Nagar X-road, Aramghar X-road, Shivarampally X-road, Hasan Nagar X-road, Shastripuram X-road, Tadban X-road, Shamsheergunj and Engine Bowli.

Also, vehicles coming from Enginebowli junction towards MBNR X-road will be diverted via Shamsheergunj, Aliabad, Shah Ghouse restaurant, Nagulchinta X-road, Lal Darwaza temple, Venkat Rao Memorial School, Ramaswamygunj, Kandikal Gate flyover, KM Lucky Hotel, graveyard, Suhana function hall, old Chandrayangutta junction, DLRL and MBNR X-road.

Vehicles from Enginebowli towards MBNR X-road will be diverted via Engine Bowli, Vattepally X-road, Railway gate, My Feel hotel, Pallecheruvu, Bandlaguda and Hashamabad.

Also, heavy vehicles will be diverted from Enginebowli towards MBNR X-road via Shamsheergunj, Tadban X-road, Shastripuram X-road, Hasan Nagar X-road, Shivrampally X-road, Aramgarh, Durga Nagar X-road, Mailardevpally, Moghal College, Bandlaguda and Hashamabad.

The traffic police advised people to take alternative roads to avoid congestion and asked to cooperate with the traffic police to ensure a free flow of traffic.