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Telangana earns over Rs 222 lakh property tax during April

Hyderabad: The Telangana state collected Rs 222.85 lakh during the period from April 1 to 30 as property tax through 141 Municipal institutions. During the same period last year, the amount was Rs. 122.32 lakhs.

A total of 3,53,782 persons paid the property tax in April 2022. According to the officials of the state’s Municipal administration ministry, there is an increase of 82.18% in tax collection during April 2022.

The state earned a record revenue in 2018. But later on due to the coronavirus pandemic, the tax collection was adversely affected. It was widely expected that the tax collection during the year 2021-22 will be back to normal but it was not to be so.

However, from the onset of 2022-23, there is a significant improvement In tax collection which led to a sigh of relief by the municipal officials.