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Support swells for Andhra Pradesh’s three-capital plan

KAKINADA: People from different walks of life came out in support of the decentralisation policy of the State government. Doctors, lawyers, contractors, traders and representatives of various caste and community associations felt that decentralisation can only develop the State on all fronts.

They extended their full support to the three-capital proposal of the State government. More than 50 associations and clubs of Kakinada took part in a round table meet on decentralisation held on Saturday.

Education Minister Botcha Satyanarayana, who attended the meet as the chief guest, said people should be made aware of advantages of decentralised development and motivated to oppose and raise their voice against the ongoing Maha Padayatra of Amaravati farmers, who are demanding that Amaravati should remain as the sole capital of the State.

Botcha said as a government which has implemented almost all its election promises, it has considered the suggestions of people and came up with the three-capital proposal. Joint Action Committees should be formed in every constituency and the JACs should conduct debates on this matter and educate the people, he stressed

The Education Minister also found fault with the BJP, which is supporting Amaravati as the sole capital. He reminded that the BJP itself had demanded that High Court be set up in Kurnool earlier. “Have you forgot the demand now? Why are you opposing judicial capital in Kurnool now?’’ he questioned.

Alleging that the BJP was playing opportunistic politics, he said the party leaders should be ashamed of their change in stance. Several speakers have opposed Maha Padayatra of Amaravati farmers which is against the decentralised development. This is nothing but an invasion on north coastal Andhra, they opined.

They also felt that development of all the regions in the State will help generate more employment opportunities. “Development should not be concentrated at one place,’’ they stressed.

Indian Medical Association, Marvadi Association, Nayi Brahmin Association, Lorry Owners Association, Merchants Association and several eminent people participated in the meeting. Kakinada rural MLA Kurasala Kannababu presided over the meeting.