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Student arrested for selling drug chocolates to peers

Hyderabad: The Narcotics Enforcement Wing (HNEW) here along with the Musheerabad police arrested one student from Narsingi who was allegedly selling drug-laced chocolates in the city to students of different educational institutions.

Rishi Sanjay Mehata, 22, of Narsingi reportedly prepared hash-oil-laced chocolate bars and sold them to the youngsters who were selling them to students, who consumed them at birthday parties, fresher party gatherings and other celebratory occasions. “About 50 percent of the consumers the accused was catering to are girls aged between 18 and 24 years,” said the police.

“Sanjay was preparing the hash-oil bars after learning the method on YouTube and making it at home. He bought chocolate bars from the market and hash oil from some persons in the city and A.P. When his parents were away, he prepared it and through social media platforms sold it for Rs 4,000 to Rs 5,000 each bar and earned money,” said Hyderabad police commissioner, CV Anand.

The police seized 48 bars of drug chocolates, 40 grams of hash oil and a mobile phone from him.

The commissioner explained that Sanjay took an online ‘Business Management’ course at the University of Phoenix. During his college days, he was addicted to ganja and hash oil. As he could not meet the expenditure for his lavish lifestyle, he thought of alternative ways to increase his income. He began purchasing bulk chocolates at a store and with his own recipe prepared drug chocolate bars by adding narcotics substances like hash oil with various flavours i.e., Oreo, Kitkat and Cadbury etc.

Anand added that initially, Sanjay sold vapes or e-cigarettes to drug-addict students in the city. Later he started preparing drug brownies/chocolate bars and sold them to consumers. Further, for advertising his drug material, he collects all his friends’ social media IDs i.e., Snapchat, WhatsApp and Instagram etc.

The customers used to order the drug chocolate bars through social media which were delivered through Rapido, Uber etc., by online transaction i.e., Google Pay and cash on delivery.

The police have asked parents not to give mobile phones to minor children, and if any minor is using a phone, the parents have been asked to check their devices randomly.

Most of the students who are attracted to drugs are under peer pressure, so parents have been advised to counsel their respective children when they look depressed.