Stop love jihad, cow vigilantism, killing of Muslims, Dalits, give them social justice

Written by IWP

People like Kashmir Deputy Mufti Azam Nasir-Ul-Islam on Tuesday sparked a row by saying that Muslims in India should get a separate country as they are bound to live in pathetic conditions, which is uncalled, unwarranted, insane idea and baseless.

Indeed Muslims in India are being harassed in the name of love jihad, cow vigilantism and what not. The population of Muslims is second largest in India.  If the Muslims continue to suffer in India, it is the duty of the State to assure the safety and social justice to Muslims on par with the Dalits and OBCs bassing on their respective profession. The Government is indirectly forcing them to convert into Hinduism.

It is wrong on the part of Kashmir Deputy Mufti Azam Nasir-Ul-Islam to talk about Indian Muslims, as the Jammu and Kashmir have a special status and that India sacrificed many lives and assets and monies for the people of Jammu and Kashmir and India continues to do like any other part of the nation. The Muslim community should not be misled by such insane idea.

It is true that the government is not paying heed to the problems of the Muslim community but it is not the answer for such negligence by the Government and hence they should ignore for the demand for a separate country.

Indian Muslims are living in a pathetic condition who are worst than the SCs, STs, and OBCs. Government is not listening to them. The way out is to bring to the notice of the State and arrest the efforts of RSS and its right-wing organisations in suppressing Muslim Society for their political survival.

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