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Sri Lanka revolt a lesson for Jagan, says PDC

Amravati: Progressive Democratic Council (PDC) Andhra Pradesh C0mmittee Convener Sunil Rao on Thursday said that the ongoing revolt in Sri Lanka is a lesson for chief minister Jagan Mohan Reddy in making AP another Sri Lanka or Venujula.

Sunil Rao warned people of serious consequences if the state government continues to use the police force against the people. Citing the resignation of former Sri Lankan Prime Minister, Sunil Rao said, “The Sri Lanka police and army tried to suppress the people there but eventually the Prime Minister had to resign and run away.

The PDC AP Convener Sunil Rao then took a dig at the chief minister saying, “Sri Lanka rulers brought huge loans and looted them. The island nation became bankrupt. When the police questioned, the army was used against them. Even then the citizens started violent protests. Both army and police turned helpless there.”

Sunil Rao alleged that Jagan was crossing his limits as he tried to suppress the people’s voice in Andhra Pradesh. He went on to say that the Pulivendula gangs threatened to bomb the CBI office. He expressed concerns over the security of the common people in the state.

Addressing a PDC promotion meeting in Amaravathi, Sunil Rao questioned the government regarding meassure taken against the accused who assaulted a minor SC girl in CM Jagan’s Kadapah nidstrict. He also attacked minister Sucharity for her remarks against the victim’s mother instead of punishing the accused.

The PDC Convener also warned authorities from the Dravidian University, promising strict action against them for allowing illegal quarrying on the university premises.