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SP felicitates 40 best cops with commendation certificates

Kurnool: Superintendent of Police (SP) Siddarth Kaushal on Sunday felicitated 40 police personnel across the district with commendation certificates.

Speaking to media on the occasion, the SP said that to encourage and to instill confidence among the police personnel, the police department was felicitating the cops with commendation certificates under weekly best performance.

As part of it, 40 police personnel from the rank of Assistant Sub Inspectors (ASIs) to Home Guards, the certificates have been presented, Siddarth said. Briefing about the excellent performance exhibited by the police personnel, the SP said that Rajoli Lakshmanna, who was working as Assistant Sub Inspector at Adoni Traffic urban police station, has recovered most of the challans pending for the last six months.

He recovered nearly Rs 18.28 lakh. Besides recovering challans, he also streamlined the traffic and actively conducted drunk and drive programmes. In a similar manner, S Venkatesh Naik, constable at Pedda Tumbalam police station, has cracked a theft case within 24 hours and recovered Rs 1.20 lakh. M Venkateshulu, a constable working in Adoni one town PS, has strived to install 52 closes circuit cameras in Adoni one town premises and recovered 289 lost mobiles and arrested a burglar, who decamped with ornaments.

The constable has also seized 152 vehicles used for illegal transportation of liquor from Karnataka state. Head constable J Mallikarjuna, who was working at Kowthalam police station, has arrested murder case accused in less than 12 hours. He has also relentlessly worked to track missing women and property cases.

Constable Venkata Ramana, who was working at Kurnool fourth town police station, has also produced a murder case accused in Kurnool court after bringing him from Kadapa Central jail.

Siddarth Kaushal further said that constable M Peddaiah, who was working at Pedda Kadabur police station, has played an active role to nab an absconding murder case accused. He arrested the murder case accused Nagaraju and produced in the court.

Constable B Bhaskar has investigated 185 cases out of 192. The SP praised woman police constable M Sukanya, who was working at Kosigi police station, for discharging her responsibilities with utmost dedication and uploading 77 cases in Crime and Criminal Tracking Network System (CCTNS).

The SP said by identifying their excellent hard work, the department has felicitating them with commendation certificates.