Sowing operations at full steam in dist

Tandur: Farmers are gearing up for cultivation as tanks and lakes are brimming, thanks to recent rains. Sowing activity has already gained momentum. Thousands of farmers are busy with their work in agriculture farms. Farmers are mainly opting for Bengalgram, groundnut and paddy cultivation. They are also going in for paddy, groundnut, and vegetables. Paddy plantation works are going on full swing in the division.

The sop of 24-hour free power supply to the farm sector is also another main reason why farmers are taking up paddy cultivation in large extents of area. They are no longer wary of operating bore wells to cultivate their crops. Farmers from Veerareddypalli, Rampur, Rampur Thanda, Sankireddypalli and Allapur, are cultivating paddy in black soil. Water is being supplied to the farms from Iloni Cheruvu, Jinugurthi project, Pedda Cheruvu, Rampur Cheruvu, and Narayanpur Cheruvu and 42 other tanks and 250 bore wells.