Sonu Nigam urges reality show judges to give ‘honest feedback’ instead of ‘always praising’

New Delhi: Renowned singer Sonu Nigam recently shared his thoughts on excessive praising of contestants on reality TV shows in an interview with a leading daily. The singer expressed that instead of constantly praising them, judges should give them honest feedback so they can grow and improve. He explained that if judges don’t do their due diligence, the contestants will never understand if they haven’t performed well.

He told ETimes TV, “As a judge, we are here to teach something to the contestants. We should give honest feedback to the participants. Always praising them won’t do any good. Humesha wah wah karoge toh kaise hoga (how will it work, if you always praise them)? We aren’t here to spoil these kids. Even the contestants won’t understand when they have performed well and when they haven’t if we keep praising them.”

The ace singer noted that it is natural to make mistakes as everything can’t be made perfect. In the same interview, he elaborated, “It’s very natural to make mistakes on the stage. You can’t make everything perfect. Thoda flaws hai toh bhi chalega (It’s ok even if there are some flaws). These flaws make the show interesting. Some contestants are born talented, some work hard and learn. A few instantly get success while a few of them shine later.”

Earlier, Sonu Nigam had made a comment on reality TV shows, specifically singing reality TV shows. He expressed that the reason reality shows are inundated with sob stories is that they work and increase viewership. He called it a ‘marketing thing’.

He said, “If they weren’t working, it would not be happening so often on reality shows. In the deepest corner of my heart, I feel sob stories are working. It is a marketing thing, and people are not fools. Their hearts are in the right place. I also feel that the contestants in reality shows are extremely talented. They are ‘dhurandhars’. Secondly, the definition of entertainment varies from person to person.”

On the work front, the singer will next appear as a judge in the Bengali television show ‘Super Singer Season 3’. He had worked as the judge in the popular reality TV show Indian Idol from 2016-17.