Single fridge for storing Veg, Non-Veg stirs up storm with GHMC

HYDERABAD:Two star properties in Hyderabad in the city’s upscale Banjara hills area – Park hyatt on Road No 1 and Hyatt place on Road No 1 were penalized by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), on Monday, for flouting norms.

The hotels were levied a penalty of Rs 20,000 and 50,000 respectively for storing vegetarian and Non vegetarian dishes together in the same refrigerator together which is totally against the norms. and using banned plastic covers below 50 microns. Park Hyatt also did not have an on site composting unit, as it is mandatory, said GHMC officials. Because Hyatt place had an onsite composting unit, the penalty amount on the property was lesser, said a top GHMC official who inspected the onsite hotels.

As per the solid Waste Management Rules, 2016, all organizations generating above 100 kgs of waste per day are considering Bulk Garbage Generators(BGG’s) and must compulsorily have onsite Waste Compositing Machine on their Premises to recycle waste. The same rule applies even to central and state government departments.