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Siddipet: Tribals erect Sonu Sood’s bust in village

Siddipet: Acts of kindness get noticed instantly, whether one publicises them or not. And the society would certainly respond in giving back respect to those who readily respond to human misery. Actor Sonu Sood is the best example of such generosity and this tribal hamlet has exemplified the society’s response to kindness. The villagers have erected a bust of the film actor and decided to organise a community prayer at the bust every week.

The villagers of Chelime Tanda in Dhoolimitta mandal of Siddipet district have begun revering Sonu Sood after reading about his acts of kindness during the pandemic in helping the migrant labour walking back home in different states.

The hamlet, where all the inhabitants of lambada tribals, drew inspiration from him and believe that Sonu Sood is the best motivating force for the youth. The only way to draw inspiration from Sood and to thank him was to erect a bust in the village, said Bhuka Rajesh Nayak, a 21-year-old youth from the village.

The bust erected in the middle of the 45-house hamlet, was unveiled by local elected representatives in a ceremony on Sunday.

Speaking to Telangana Today Rajesh Nayak, the brain behind the initiative said he thought of installing the Sood’s bust so that it could remain as a motivating force for the village youth. Nayak, a science graduate, is also a ward member of the hamlet. His friends supported his idea and made some quick contributions. They approached a sculptor Madhusudhan, who has a workshop near JBS in Secunderabad.

The schulptor too was impressed by the idea and reduced his fee by half. Madhusudhan too maintained that he had migrated from West Bengal to Hyderabad and many migrants working in Secunderabad also were helped by Sonu Sood to travel back to their native places during the lockdown period. The ZPTC member Giri Kondal Reddy too chipped in to help the youth.

In the Chelime Tanda, one of the villagers readily agreed to give a piece of land on the roadside to build a shed to house the bust. Mason Somla Nayak offered to build the shed without charging any money and an MPTC member Islavath Namku bore the charges of painting the place.

The entire population of Chelima Tanda gathered to witness the process of installation and hailed Sonu Sood at the “Real Hero of India”. Village elders, who spoke on the occasion, urged youth to draw inspiration from Sonu Sood’s work to help people in need.

The initiative taken up at Chelima Tanda became an overnight sensation with the as it is being circulated all over the social medial across the Country. A local teacher, Naresh appreciated the efforts and initiative of Rajesh Nayak and his friends. Asked what motivated him to install the bust, Rajesh Nayak said many rich people did not even spend a rupee for the poor when Sonu Sood did not hesitate to mortgage his properties to help the poor.