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Saving lives: The Sadasaya Foundation’s noble act

PEDDAPALLI: There can be no greater service than donating one’s organs to the needy. Equally noble is the work of the facilitator.

Sadasaya Foundation has been giving many patients a new lease of life by helping them get corneas and other organs from donors.

Initially, the foundation began its activities in Godavarikhani but it now is reaching out to the entire State. For the last 14 years, the foundation has been serving the needy with unwavering commitment.

Founder president T Sravan Kumar started facilitating organ donation, inspired by famous Telangana poet Kaloji Narayana Rao who donated his entire body in 2002.

The idea of facilitating the donation of organs festered in mind like maggots, he said. However, the idea actually took off after his brother Ashok Kumar and sister Prameela donated their eyes and organs.

He swung into action by setting up a trust in the name of Sadasaya Foundation to create awareness among people on organ donation.

Since the inception of Sadasaya on October 2, 2008, he has been actively engaged in motivating people to donate organs and be the reason for the smiles on the faces of the unfortunate.

The foundation has facilitated 670 eye donations, 90 body donations, and 80 organ donations. About 950 awareness progammes have been conducted across the State. About 50,000 people have registered with Sadasaya Foundation for organ donation.

For its services, the foundation is receiving appreciation from various quarters. The foundation received the Global Humanity Changemaker award in 2023 in Rajasthan and Nandi Award from Vijayawada Vasavi Club.