Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi to resume dead organ transplantation facility soon

New Delhi: The Vardhman Mahavir Medical College (VMCC) and Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi will resume the dead organ transplantation facility soon, Hindustan, a Hindi-language daily newspaper reported on Tuesday (March 15, 2022).

It is notable that organ donation is the practice of retrieving a human organ from a living or deceased person and transplanting it into a needy recipient. From kidneys to hearts and livers, several organs are donated and transplanted. Tissues such as corneas, skin, bones, etc are donated as well.

Meanwhile, the Department of Urology, Robotics and Renal Transplant in Safdarjung Hospital celebrated World Kidney Day on Saturday in collaboration with Notto India.

Directorate General of Health Services’ Dr Sunil Kumar was the Chief Guest and SJH Delhi’s Dr SV Arya was the Chief Patron during the event.

During the event, Dr Sunil Kumar informed that the Department of Urology, Robotics and Renal Transplant at Safdarjung Hospital will soon be declared a National Center of Excellence.

“Work is being done rapidly in this direction,” he said.