Rupee could break Rs 80 mark against dollar next week

The BJP and RSS should own the responsibility of the Indian rupee falling in the trade between Rs 79.50-Rs 80.50 against the US dollar next week.

On Friday during the early trade, the Indian rupee gained seven paise to touch Rs 79.92 for a dollar.

The rupee range can be seen between 79.50-80.50 for the coming week. Rupee traded in a range between 79.80 and 79.98. As dollar index traded in a range, broadly the trend for dollar is positive till the time it is above $105… next hurdle for dollar can be seen around $110, hence rupee can be seen weak… the trend continues towards 80.50.

The Rs 79.25 mark will act as resistance for rupee and break above Rs 79.25 will trigger short covering for rupee. And the entire fall is done by the inconsistent Narendra Modi Government,

Rashtriya Jana Parishad Chancellor MA Mujeeb opinioned that the RSS and its tool BJP Government will make India poor as per the dictation of Manusmrithy to compel OBCs-SCs and STs becoming poor to bring in Hindu Rastra. Indian economy can be repaired and brought back to normalcy if the BJP government vacates from its economic planning and after downfall of RSS and BJP.