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RSS spreading hate, people don’t want such India: Rahul Gandhi

KOCHI: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi came down heavily on the BJP and Sangh Parivar on Wednesday, saying they are spreading hate and dividing the country, but the citizens do not want such an India.

He said as prime minister, Narendra Modi’s job was to clear the decks for the biggest businessmen in the country. Rahul was addressing a public meeting at Aluva, at the conclusion of the day’s Bharat Jodo Yatra.

The yatra, which entered the Ernakulam district earlier in the day, evoked an overwhelming response from the supporters and workers alike. Hundreds thronged the highway to greet Rahul.“The prime minister’s job is to clear the way for the biggest businessmen in the country. And the way he does it is by dividing India — by making a brother fight with another brother, by creating hatred among the states, religions and regions of this country. The idea is to make them angry and violent because when you’re angry, you can’t see what’s happening to you,” he said.

“Bharat Jodo Yatra’s first message is that we won’t accept an India that’s divided with hatred and violence that the BJP and RSS are spreading. The second message is that we will not accept an India which is unfair to a large majority of people. We will not accept an India where millions and millions of youth cannot find a job, but beg for it and die by suicide for not getting one. We won’t accept an India where parents spend their entire lives working to send their children to school, college, or university to be told that they will not get a job. We won’t accept an India where the vast majority of our people are drowning in high prices,” he said.

“This anger, this hatred the BJP and Sangh are spreading is not India. It’s arrogance and cowardice while the real India is humble and brave,” he said. “Modi takes away everything that’s yours and gives it to his crony capital friends. These friends of his control the entire media, they fill all the channels with his images and visuals. That’s how they control any business they want. The result is that your money has gone into the pockets of one man who’s the second richest in the country,” added Rahul.

“The only country in the world which fought against its biggest oppressor with kindness and non-violence is this country,” he said.The day started with Rahul paying floral tributes to Sree Narayana Guru at Kumbalam. Congress leader Sachin Pilot rejoined the yatra and trekked to Edappally. In the afternoon, Rahul interacted with representatives of Kochi’s IT sector, transgender community and Kerala Congress Joseph faction leaders.