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Respite as Andhra electricity regulatory commission recalls true-up order

VIJAYAWADA: The Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (APERC) has suo motu recalled its August 27 order that allowed Discoms to recover true-up charges amounting to Rs 3,669 crore from consumers during the current fiscal year.

The Commission will now start the process afresh, including publishing a public notice and hearing the views of all stakeholders before issuing a fresh order. The order was recalled after several consumers moved to the Andhra Pradesh High Court, saying due procedures were not followed before issuing the directive, which had also triggered widespread protests in the State.

Following the latest development, Discoms would put on hold the recovery of true-up charges until the Commission completes the procedures. Discoms had started recovering the dues from August. Though the APERC had put up the petitions by APSPDCL and APEPDCL on its website for several months, it did not issue a public notice.

Pointing out the petitions in the High Court while “exercising its power of suo motu review”, APERC said in a statement that “the commission has decided to recall the order dated August 27, 2021… and hear the petitions de novo after the publication of notices in newspapers.”

Starting the entire process afresh would provide the stakeholders with an opportunity to present their views, which would be considered before passing the final order. The Commission recalled the order after taking the opinion of the State advocate general.

What was the recalled order?
The Regulatory Commission order allowed Discoms to recover Rs 3,669 crore in instalments over a period of eight months from August — Rs 397.42 crore per month at Rs 1.11 to Rs 1.27 per unit.