Rajneetik dhokhadhadi: PM Narendra Modi hits out at Opposition for opposing pro-farmer reforms

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has hit out at the Opposition for opposing pro-farmer reforms and called it a ‘Rajneetik dhokhadhadi’. PM Modi said that these were the same people who wrote letters to chief ministers asking them to do the exact same thing that his Government has done.

“If you look at those who are opposing the pro-farmer reforms today, you will see the real meaning of intellectual dishonesty and rajneetik dhokhadhadi,” PM Modi said in an interview to the ‘Open Magazine’.

The Prime Minister added that these were the same people who wrote in their election manifesto that they would enact the same reforms that the BJP government has brought.

“Yet, just because some other political party, blessed by the will of the people, is enacting the same reforms, they have made a complete U-turn and in a brazen display of intellectual dishonesty, completely disregard what will benefit the farmers and only seek what they think will benefit them politically,” he said.

The Prime Minister stated that the Centre is committed to empowering the small farmers in every way and that his government is ready to sit together and discuss those issues.

“Many meetings have also been held in this regard but no one till now has come up with a specific point of disagreement that we want this to be changed,” he said.

Prime Minister Modi said that he takes decisions based on Mahatma Gandhi’s talisman that sees how his decisions will benefit or harm the poorest or weakest person.

“While taking decisions, I stop even if the slightest of vested interests is visible to me. The decision should be pure and authentic and if the decision passes through all these tests, then I firmly move forward to implement such a decision,” he added.

The Prime Minister also said, “In such a large country as India, is it possible to make a decision which is acceptable to 100 per cent people? Although if a decision is not acceptable to even a small number of people, they are not wrong. They may have their own genuine concerns but if the decision is in the larger interest, then it is the responsibility of government to implement such a decision.”

This is to be noted that several farmers, mainly from Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, have been protesting at Delhi’s borders against three farm laws since November 2020. They have been demanding the legislation be repealed.