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Putin’s actions bring ‘shame’ on Russia, say G7 leaders

Kyiv (Ukraine) : Leaders from the Group of Seven (G7) including US President Joe Biden and France’s Emmanuel Macron on Sunday (May 8, 2022) met Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy virtually and reiterated their support for Kyiv.

In a joint statement after the online talks, the leaders said that President Vladimir Putin’s actions “bring shame on Russia” and the historic sacrifices of its people.

They also assured Zelenskyy of their full solidarity and support for Ukraine’s courageous defence of its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“Together with the international community, we, the G7, have provided and pledged additional support since the start of the war exceeding USD 24 billion for 2022 and beyond, in both financial and material means,” the G7 countries, which include the US, Britain, Canada, Germany, France, Italy and Japan, said in a statement.

The G7 leaders also reiterated their condemnation of Russia’s “unprovoked, unjustifiable and illegal military aggression” against Ukraine and the indiscriminate attacks against civilians and civilian infrastructure.

“We are appalled by the large-scale loss of human life, assault on human rights, and destruction that Russia’s actions have inflicted on Ukraine,” they said.

“We will spare no effort to hold President Putin and the architects and accomplices of this aggression, including the Lukashenko regime in Belarus, accountable for their actions in accordance with international law,” they said.

The G7 countries said that cutting out Russian oil supplies “will hit hard at the main artery of (President Vladimir) Putin’s economy and deny him the revenue he needs to fund his war”.

“We will ensure that we do so in a timely and orderly fashion, and in ways that provide time for the world to secure alternative supplies,” they added.

Casting a look back at World War II, the leaders stressed unity in their resolve that Putin must not win.

“We owe it to the memory of all those who fought for freedom in the Second World War, to continue fighting for it today, for the people of Ukraine, Europe and the global community,” they said.

The meeting, notably, came ahead of the May 9 Victory Day, when Russia traditionally celebrates Nazi Germany’s defeat in 1945 with huge military parades.

President Vladimir Putin on Monday will lead anniversary celebrations of the Soviet Union`s victory over Nazi Germany as Russian troops fight Ukrainians in one of the deadliest European conflicts since the end of World War Two 77 years ago.

Russia`s paramount leader since 1999 has in recent years used Victory Day to needle the West from a tribune in Red Square before a parade of troops, tanks, rockets and intercontinental ballistic missiles.