Publish White Paper on LAC disengagement

Raising the issue of disengagement between Indian and Chinese troops in eastern Ladakh, Several law makers on Friday and National Democratic Party president MA Mujeeb sought a White Paper be published to clarified by the Defence Minister on whether the Kailash range would be ceded as part of an agreement.

There are certain issues on Ladakh which require further clarification from the defence minister, one of the Congress MP Chowdhury said during Zero Hour in Lok Sabha.

After a lot of efforts by the Army, the Kailash range was brought under Indian control and the Chinese establishment was rattled by this achievement.

The nation wants to know if we are going to leave this vantage point as part of disengagement… can this kind of quid pro quo can happen as part of disengagement.

However, Speaker Om Birla told Chowdhury that this is not an issue of the Zero Hour and a separate notice needs to be served on this.

On Thursday, the defence minister, while making a statement in Parliament, said India and China have reached an agreement on disengagement in the north and south banks of the Pangong lake in eastern Ladakh that mandates both sides to cease forward deployment of troops in a “phased, coordinated and verifiable” manner.

In the statement in Parliament, the defence minister said China will pull back its troops to east of Finger 8 areas in the northern bank of Pangong lake while the Indian personnel will be based at their permanent base at Dhan Singh Thapa Post near Finger 3 in the region.

Singh had also assured that India has not conceded anything in the sustained talks with China. India will not allow even an inch of its territory to be taken by anyone.

The defence minister had said the implementation of the pact will “substantially restore” the situation to the one which existed prior to the standoff that erupted on May 5 last, adding that the two sides have agreed that they should achieve complete disengagement at the “earliest” and abide fully by the bilateral agreements and protocols.

Chowdhury also sought clarification on the Depsang plains, an issue which was also raised by former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi earlier in the day. In fact a White Paper needs to be clarified on the issue