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Pre-audit necessary for works in temples: Endowments department

VIJAYAWADA: In a bid to usher in transparency and financial discipline in the Endowments Department, Commissioner M Hari Jawaharlal has made pre-audit compulsory for institutions, whose accessible income is above Rs 25 lakh.

In the order issued on Thursday, the Endowments Commissioner directed to clear pending audits, and implement ‘online budget approval’, making concurrent audit (pre-audit) in institutions that fall under categories (a) and (d), and with accessible income above Rs 25 lakh.

The pre-audit would now be compulsory for endowment institutions, temples, choultries, and others with the specified income. The department also appointed special officers for conducting pre-audit in 217 temples.

The officers have been tasked with finalising the pre-audit checklist, post-audit proforma and mapping of auditors to the 6 (a) category temples. The order further clarified that the concurrent audit would be shifted online after the software become functional.

“No expenditure or payment shall be made without pre-audit under any circumstances by the executive authorities. Further, making the payment or issuing the cheque without concurrence of audit authorities is prohibited henceforth,” he said.

“If any violation is identified, the executive officer or authority concerned, with whatever nomenclature they are, will be placed under suspension, without any notice, and liable for severe disciplinary action, apart from initiation of surcharge proceedings,” said Jawaharlal.

He further directed district endowment officers, zonal deputy commissioners and regional joint commissioners to verify the proceedings and inform the Commissionerate to ensure proper accounting and financial discipline in the department.