Praja Party cautions Army Chief for demoralizing Indian combatants

Written by IWP

Hyderabad : The Secretary-General of Praja Party, MA Mujeeb, an advocate at High Court lambasted the statement of Army Chief praising Chinese Army as a mighty power in the eastern region.

Mujeeb asked the Army Chief to restrain from giving political statements, rather keep our war preparedness by motivating the Soldiers of Indian soil.  Army Chief General Rawat is making ground for his entry into the Politics, which is not fair, Mujeeb said. The army is being saffronised by the lines of RSS, which the Chief of Army should give the nation a message that it stands for the Secular concept of India and saves each and every faith’s person, the Secretary-General of Praja Party said.

Mujeeb and his Praja Party are strong followers of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and Shaheed Bhagat Singh, who dreamt for the secular army.  Army Chiefs have become puppets in the hands of Establishment, but the courage that Field Marshal General Kariappa is shown to the nation and then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had to follow the Army advise, the puppet’s and yes minister attitude of Army Generals need to be changed into, Mujeeb advised.


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