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Practise techniques to boost mind power, says Gampa Nageshwer Rao

Khammam: Motivational expert and psychologist Gampa Nageshwer Rao felt that the most beautiful aspect of the ongoing recruitment drive in Telangana is that a father and his son, a mother and her daughter are preparing for the job tests at the same time because of the enhanced age limit.

He demonstrated many techniques to boost mind power, and engaged the job aspirants attending the seminar in the practice of such techniques. The following are the suggestions he made to the job aspirants:

  • Quit bad qualities and cultivate good habits. Imagine succeeding in job tests, keep cultivating that idea all the time until you realise your goal.
  • Have a burning desire to succeed and you will be successful in your efforts to secure a job.
  • Keep mobile phones away and focus on your studies. Stopping excess use of mobile phones will help you to save time.
  • Sleep well for good memory and give 100 per cent attention to your preparation. The one who prepares with passion and love for the subject will succeed.
  • Do not skip classes and involve yourself deeply while listening to classes. Be attentive always and write down notes properly. Improve productivity by means of regular practice. It is important to ask questions when you have doubts.
  • Do not compare yourself with others, and get rid of negative feelings as they are the root cause of failure. Involve totally in what you do, be courageous and remember your goal all the time.