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Police, SEB crackdown on ID liquor in Bapatla, Palnadu

GUNTUR: After the reorganisation of districts, police have ramped up raids on brewing and transporting of ID liquor under Operation Parivarthana 2.0 in Bapatla and Palnadu districts. In the last one month, the police department along with SEB sleuths conducted over 1,000 raids across the district and destroyed about 50,000 to 70,000 litres of jaggery wash and arrested about 200 people.

A hike in the price of cheap liquor, which is consumed by most of the lower-middle-class consumers, has resulted in a rise in the production of ID liquor. As the cost increased from 50 to200-250, most of the consumers, unable to afford it, are turning to ID liquor, which is available at a very low cost. Adding to this, using modern technology, the brewing of liquor has also become easier than in the previous days, which is convenient and feasible for many brewers.

With the recent raids, the issue of increasing consumption and manufacturing of ID liquor has come forth. As many as 325 cases were filed in the last 10 months and 250 only in the last month. The police seized 90,400 litres of ID liquor and 130 vehicles. Meanwhile, the police are also conducting various awareness programme to educate the people on the ill effects of consuming ID liquor

Speaking about the preventive measures being taken, Bapatla Superintendent of Police Vakul Jindal told TNIE that they have observed that most of the ID liquor is being brewed in coastal and forest regions, including wetland regions, several villages under Adavuladeevi, Bindi, Nizampatnam, Vedullapalli, and Stuvartupuram police station limits.

“Cases are being filed against those involved in brewing, transporting, and selling ID liquor. We are also invoking the Preventive Detention (PD) Act against repeat offenders. We are taking all necessary action to completely eradicate ID liquor brewing and sale in the district within the next two months,” he added.
In order to gain more profits within less time, the brewers are using various chemicals, including ammonia to speed up the fermentation process and these chemicals can lead to severe health problems in the long-term, the SP said.

AP Madya Vimochana Prachara Committee chairman Lakshman Reddy opined that the government should pay special attention to eradicate this evil in rural areas, which is ruining several families. More awareness should be brought among the public with the help of village and ward secretariat. Offenders involved in ID liquor cases should be provided alternative employment, he added.