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“PM must apologise for fake cases”: AAP leader in latest shot at centre

New Delhi: As the BJP and the Aam Aadmi Party continue trading bitter jibes in a day buzzing with press conferences, AAP MP Sanjay Singh in the latest potshot said the BJP is distraught after the ‘massive’ first national conference of its elected representatives and hence avoided answering pointed questions by them while saying ‘baseless’ things.

AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal had this morning, while launching a blistering attack on PM Modi and the BJP, claimed the BJP was trying to ‘crush’ his party as it was rattled by the public support for AAP in Gujarat for the upcoming assembly elections.

Responding to Mr Kejriwal’s charges, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra had termed him a “megalomaniac” who is considering himself a God after winning power in two states.

He always claims before a state poll that his party is winning and others are rattled, Mr Patra said in the press conference.

Refusing to let his chief’s allegations slide, Mr Singh in response said the BJP ‘kidnapped’ and ‘bought’ 285 MLAs across the country. “How many crores of rupees have been spent on corruption and black money, the whole country wants to know,” he said, adding that today the name of BJP has been changed to “Bharatiya Khoka (crore) Party”.

He reiterated his party’s charge that the BJP unsuccessfully conducted ‘Operation Lotus’ in Delhi by offering ₹ 25-25 crore to MLAs to switch sides.

The BJP kept attempting to attack AAP, Mr Singh said, claiming 169 cases were registered against his party’s ministers and MLAs. “They were acquitted in 133 of them,” he added.

He demanded an apology from the Prime Minister and the Home Minister who, he claimed, got these ‘fake cases’ filed.

Sanjay Singh attacked the Centre for ‘waving off’ corporate loans. “They have waived ₹ 10 lakh crore of capitalists. I want to ask Sambit Patra ji’s party how much brokerage did they demand to waive the loan of ₹ 10 lakh crores,” he said.

On the BJP calling Arvind Kejriwal Tughlaq, Sanjay Singh insisted they condemn the use of such language in politics.

“In Delhi elections, Kejriwal ji was called a terrorist by BJP leaders. In Punjab elections, they called him Khalistani and the BJP lost their deposit. If such language — calling him like Tughlaq — is used again today, then the people of Gujarat will respond. We don’t call anyone feku, or tadipar. This kind of language should not be used,” he said.