PM insulted people of Karnataka, trying to hide his Government’s weakness

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The Prime Minister Narendra Modi insulted the city of Bengaluru and the people of Karnataka through his remarks during campaigning and people of Karnataka seek an apology from him. The Prime Minister had heaped a “special insult” on Bengaluru and its citizens by calling it a city of sins and city of garbage.

Modi has insulted the people of Karnataka, insulted its entrepreneurs, IT technologists by labelling the city, which is known as India’s Silicon Valley, as valley of sin.

A city and a state which symbolises development, aspirations, youth, opportunities, has been reduced to city of sins. This is a special insult that the Prime Minister has heaped upon Bengaluru and people of Karnataka.

Prime Minister Modi, while addressing a rally in Bengaluru had accused the state’s government of having reduced Bengaluru to a valley of sins from Silicon Valley, and added that the city had been changed from a garden city to garbage city, from computer city to crime city, and from a start-up hub to a pothole club.

People of Karnataka took strong exception to Modi’s remarks, and the remarks and the language used were totally unbefitting of a Prime Minister. To say as city of sin, the Prime Minister totally ignored that ‘S’ stands for superior, ‘I’ stands for information technology and ‘N’ stands for novelty. This is what Bengaluru is. It’s the real start-up hub, which the Prime Minister totally and deliberately ignored to keep it in mind before down grading Bengaluru’s Silicon Valley status in India.

But Modi only finds sin in that, and that is deplorable. While Modi does not create jobs, can’t stop farmers’ from committing suicides, having the lowest agriculture growth rate in a very, very long time and despite the facts, accuses the Kannadigas of being a valley of sin. It is shameful and country needs an apology which no Indian likes to get.

The fear, frustration and follies of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) were growing in the face of an imminent defeat in the upcoming state assembly elections. The rural wages have suffered under Modi government and MGNREGA has been given step-motherly treatment.

A recent well detailed academic study by a senior researcher of the RBI has been published a few days ago it finds that rural wages have suffered a significant deceleration,must unfortunate.

The government is sleeping over rising prices of petroleum and other products and the nation demands that these products should be brought under Goods and Services Tax (GST).

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