Newsense Web Series Review: Good story but bad execution

Hyderabad: Newsense is the latest Telugu web series released on the Aha OTT platform yesterday. The series stars Navdeep and Bindu Madhavi as the leads. Sri Prawin Kumar wrote and directed the series. People Media Factory and Aha produced it together.

Newsense is a series set in Madanapalle and revolves around journalists and politicians. How journalists publish fake stories in the shadow of politicians and how the consequences affect the public is the crux of the story.

Sri Prawin Kumar, the creator of the series, chose an honest story with events inspired by real life. He also nicely set up the thoughts and actions of the journalists and politicians. The issues like land kabza, lower caste, smuggling, and mysterious murders are well discussed. Newsense is a strong subject on paper, but it fails in executions. The series can be paced a lot and the lag parts can be eliminated by Prawin. The ending is also not much exciting for the audience to wait for the second season. Instead, the director should have increased the episodes number from six to eight or ten in this season itself and wrapped up the entire story.

Navdeep delivered a solid performance as Shiva. His sincere presentation as an unethical journalist is appreciable. Also, Navdeep’s looks are good in the series.

Bindu Madhavi looks like a perfect pair to Navdeep. Though the actress doesn’t have much importance in the story, her beautiful presence adds a little to the series.

All other actors are okay in their roles. The actor who played the SI Edwin stands out among them in the performance.

The cinematography from Anantnag is decent. Srinivas’s editing can be a lot more crisp and pacy. Editing and screenplay are the main drawbacks of the film. The makers of Newsense made a good move in using the natural locations nicely.

Suresh Bobbili’s background score is good in parts. The dialogues are also well written.

Since Newsense is set in Madanapalli, all the characters speak Chittoor slang. But there is no proper lip-sync for at least a single character in the series and it goes utterly worst many times.

So on a final note, Newsense is so good at its story and below par in its storytelling. The series can be a one-time watch but not so worth waiting for season 2.