VHP Promoting Lawlessness, deserves to be black-listed

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Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) international general secretary Surendra Jain’s alleging that ‘gau-rakshaks’, who should be felicitated for trying to stop cow slaughter. are being implicated in false cases by police, amounts to VHP is acting as above the board.

VHP’s Surendra Jain admittedly taking law into their hands say that the Gau-rakshaks cow protectors are doing the work that the police department needs to do. They are coming out on roads to stop cow slaughter. They should be felicitated for the same, needs to be taken seriously by the State if the State facually believes that no body is taller than the State.

The police lawfully book gau-rakshaks and frames wrong charges against them to set the law to take its course of action.  VHP is misleading that Mahatma Gandhi was opposed to cow slaughter and that the Congress under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi is organising beef parties across the state.

VHP also believes that the central government in the coming two years will bring a law for constructing Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. State should implement M S Swaminathan committee report in phase-wise to solve the agrarian crisis in the country.

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