Railway Police Tie Prisoners With Chain To Wooden Post for 33 years against Human Rights

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Ever since the government railway police station in Sriganganagar district of Rajasthan was constructed thirty-three years ago,  unfortunately it does not have a lock up. The prisoners are tied to a wooden post with an iron chain.

In absence of a lockup, Railway Police have to tie the arrested people in this wooden post. It is a violation of human rights but we are helpless as in spite of many efforts, a lockup couldn’t be built inside the police station.

The prisoners are not able to use the toilet and they have to wait for a long time tied with a chain. They can’t turn or even do the basic movements. Police have to witness their snag as they can’t do much to make things easier for the prisoners.

It’s a nightmare for Police when there is more than one arrest as two people can’t be chained to the post because of inadequate space. That’s why the Police have to rush to Bikaner, which is a 12-hour-long journey from there to present them in the court so that they can be sent to the lockup there.

The jurisdiction of the GRP police station is one of the largest in the state within 200 Kilometres. Due to the inadequate lock-ups, the police have to arrest offenders under sections wherein bail is granted easily so that the accused doesn’t need to be chained to the post.

The State feels bad to chain the accused to the post but are helpless. Several letters have been written to the administration by subsequent SHOs in the last three decades but till now a lockup has eluded this police station. 

India claims that she is head of rest of the States accros the world, whilr the factual records are different and discouraging to be noted. Mr, Suresh Prabhu please take a note of this inconvenience caused by the State’s Ministry of the Indian Railways.

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