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Muslim genocide inevitable for Hindu Rashtra says Bajrang Muni, AIMF, BRS refutes

New Delhi: Bajrang Muni, a Hindutva leader, who has given many hate speeches in the past has come out with another one, this time calling for a full genocide of the Muslim community.

In a video posted on Twitter, Muni alleges that India was a peaceful Hindu Rashtra before the invasion of the Mughals and others.

“If we want to become a Hindu Rashtra again, we should use the same technique as what the Muslim leaders in the past did – murder all Muslims in the country. As long as they survive, India can never attain total Hindu Rashtra status,” he says in the video.

He further says, “In the past, Hindus were living peacefully. But then we were attacked by ‘Muslim terrorists’. Hence, to bring back our Hindus Rastra era, the genocide of Muslims is inevitable.”

This is not the first time Bajrang Muni has spit venom against him. Last year on April 13 he urged people to kill and rape Muslim women. He was seen supported by the Uttar Pradesh police officials. The video went viral instantly gaining condemnation from Twitteratis and Opposition parties.

Though Muni was booked for his rape remarks, he was soon granted bail within ten days. While speaking to reporters, Muni said he had no guilt.

Soon after Muni was criticised for his offensive remarks against Muslim women, the seer went a step further by flashing his private parts on camera.

In the video, one can see Muni speaking to a person and suddenly flashing his private parts into the camera adding, “I (will) give it in the mouth. I don’t feel ashamed.”

Muni is the mahant of Maharshi Shri Lakshman Das Udasin Ashram in Khairabad town of Sitapur district. The Yogi government has granted him two Provincial Armed Constabulary guards as his bodyguards. Ever since Yogi Adityanath became the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh in 2017, many seers have been provided with security guards.

Reacting to the out terrorism promoting out-burst calling for a full genocide of the Muslim community, All India Muslim Federation national President who is also the National President of Bahujana Rashtra Samithi (BRS) MA Mujeeb said Muni is self styled mahant of Maharshi Shri Lakshman Das Udasin Ashram in Khairabad town of Sitapur district represent 0.01 per cent of Indian population, who are dreaming to create genocide under the Narendra Modi’s shelter, while Moolavasi OBCs, SCs, STs and Minorities are awaiting to route out all anti national Manuwadi Hindutwa elements like Muni or any other faith’s terrorists, are trying create differences between various communities for their survival, which will not be tolerated Bahujana leader said.