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Murder of Advocate Mallareddy : NDLF demands for immediate passage of “The Advocates Protection Act”

Hyderabad: Chairman of National Democratic Lawyers Federation (NDLF) Advocate High Court MA Mujeeb to contain further murders of advocates and judges, demanded for immediate passage of the Advocates Protection Act in the current monsoon session of Parliament.

Mujeeb was addressing the protest by legal fraternity at the Malkajgiri Distinct Court Complex Naredmet Hyderabad here today to the lawyers solidarity gathering on account of murders of dozens of the lawyers across the Country, including the murder of Advocate Malla Reddy in Warangal (who is also the vice president of the Warangal Bar Association).

Mujeeb said, a total of 71 advocates have been murdered across the country in the last year and during last six months. A session judge was also murdered in Bihar and in Telangana alone a women advocate in Golconda was murdered last year. In year 2010 advocate Yadav was murdered in Keesara of Malkajgiri District. In Nizamabad two advocates couple was murdered in the broad day light and it is unfortunate that now Advocate Malla Reddy who is also the vice president of the Warangal Bar Association has been murdered Mujeeb added.

The Government of India and Government of Telangana is silently watching the issue without taking required steps to contain the murders of Advocates and Judges, Mujeeb lambasted against inaction of the government and appealed the Government not to treat advocates as step children of the State.

Mujeeb said that after long persuasion for the steps for the protection Advocates, the Bar Council of India initiated the draft of Lawyers Protection Bill, sent to the Union Law Ministry for the approval of the Cabinet and passage of Lawyers Protection Act.

Mujeeb recalled the extraordinary services of the advocates fraternity to protecting the very interests of the State and reminded that it is the advocates who protect the law and order which the governments have ignored which does not go in long way in the healthy society. In his heavy worded address to the gathering consisting of the Advocates and the Court staff.

Chairman MA Miujeeb of the National Democratic Advocates Federation (legal wing of newly formed Rashtriya Jana Parishad ) called for the Government liabilities to the Advocates’ fraternity.

Members of the High Court of Telangana Bar Association under its president Advocate Verose Raghunath ( who is also the President of the State Unit of the Rashtriya Jana Parishad) took out the rally demanding immediate passage of Protection of Advocate Act.

Advocate Ch. Sri Hari the president of the Telangana Unit of National Democratic Lawyers Federation, while addressing Rangareddy District Court Bar Association demanded mass resignation of the all the members of Bar Council TS and also by respective State and also by all the members Bar Council of India demanding for the immediate passage of Advocates Protection Act in current session of the Parliament.

NDLF’s Malkajgiri District President Advocate Uppender Goud addressed the advocates gathering at Medchal Court today. NDLF’s Hyderabad District President Advocate MA Ismail Zabiulla addressed advocates gathering at city civil Court complex Hyderabad and condemned the Narendra Modi Governments’ inaction in passing of Advocates’ Protection Act.

NDLF’s Malkajgiri District Vice President – Advocate Sai Prasad and General Secretary Advocate Sudhir Babu Goud (who is also librarian of MBA) among dozens of members of the MBA who participated in the demonstration,

Malkajgiri District Court Bar Association president Ramachandra Reddy, former presidents, MBA’s committee members also addressed the gathering. Later Advocates took out a rally cum procession lead by the Malkajgiri District Court Bar Association President Advocate Ramachandra Reddy and submitted a memorandum to the Revenue Divisional Officer demanding for the immediate passage of Advocates Protection Act by the Union Government.