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Moon to align directly over Kaaba on March 24

Riyadh: The moon will align directly over Kaaba on Wednesday and the rare celestial phenomenon can be seen with the naked eye. The phenomenon was earlier seen in the month of January this year.

Saudi Arabia astronomical association senior engineer Majid Abu Zahra said that the moon will come on the horizon of Makkah at 2:18 pm and will be seen over the Kaaba at 9:10 pm in the evening.

He also said that during this time, the moon moves rapidly and its colour also changes quickly. During the phenomenon, the direction of the Kaaba can be determined accurately from anywhere, he added.

In a year, moon revolves around the earth 12 times but the phenomenon of the moon aligning exactly above the Kaaba is very rare.

It should be noted that the moon was over the Kaaba earlier on 29th January this year and the time span between both the events is 54 days, 20 hours, and 26 minutes.