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MA Mujeeb demands better infrastructure in remote Pentas, wishes tribals on World Tribals Day

Hyderabad : Rashtriya Jana Parishad (RJP) Chancellor (National Convener) MA Mujeeb has accused the government of cutting down forests for bauxite exploitation and looting bauxite under the guise of laterite.

On the occasion of Tribal Day, Mujeeb greeted the tribals and criticized the government. He expressed his anger on saying that the YSRCP government in AP, TRS Govt in Telangana, BJP governments are not providing even the minimum facilities in the tribal villages.

RJP Chancellor said that RJP is working for tribal welfare and the protection of tribal rights from the beginning. Government’s GOs for tribal lands, jobs, and forest rights should be protected in letter and spirit.

“It is regrettable that the government is not making any effort to restore cancelled GO in the scheduled region to recruit all the jobs in all government departments with local tribal candidates” RJP Chancellor said.

The national convener (who is called as Chancellor) said that the traditional lands of the tribals should be given to the tribals and alleged that the government is not working towards it.

He reminded that the TDP government cancelled the bauxite mining contracts in 2016 and now the government of AP and Telangana are exploiting them under the guise of laterite.

He alleged that if someone falls ill in tribal villages, they have to be carried for kilometers on a bullock cart. Mujeeb demanded that the bike ambulances which were introduced by the Telugu Desam government in the past in AP should be restored and the Government of Telangana should also provide better road infrastructure for the tribals particularly the Chenchus to connect Pentas to development population.

The mobile ambulance services should be established to provide better treatment to the patients in the tribal areas during the weekend are also nowhere to be found, Mujeeb alleged.

He said that still, the tribals are using polluted water for drinking, which is a danger to their lives. He demanded that the government should take steps for the welfare of the tribals. Mujeeb has hoisted the Tribal Flag and saluted green flag at the TS State Office