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Low-lying areas inundated as Musi river swells

Hyderabad: The water level in the Musi river increased on Tuesday after authorities decided to open more gates of Osman Sagar. The excess water in the reservoir is being released through 12 gates.

Due to the huge inflow of water into the Musi river, the low-lying areas were inundated. Water entered houses located along the river.

Although the residents of the area were shifted to a function hall, their belongings drifted away in the flood water.

The government had promised them that they will get houses under the 2BHK scheme, however, the promise still remains unfulfilled.

Puranapul, Chaderghat bridges closed : After seeing the rise in the level of water in the Musi River, authorities decided to close Puranapul and Chaderghat bridges as a precautionary measure.

Earlier, the Moosarambagh bridge was closed due to the high inflow of rainwater in the Musi River. Traffic police placed barricades to prevent vehicles from entering the bridge.

On Tuesday, the water in Osman Sagar reached 1787.55 ft against the full tank level of 1790 ft.

After lifting 12 out of 15 gates, the outflow from the reservoir is recorded as 7308 cusecs whereas, the inflow is 6800 cusecs.

On the other hand, the water level in Himayat Sagar is 1761.25 ft against the full tank level of 1763.50 ft. After lifting six out of 17 gates, the outflow of water in the reservoir is recorded as 5780 cusecs whereas, the inflow of water is 5500 cusecs.