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Lord Balaji rides Ashwa Vahanam on 6th day of Brahmotsavams in Chilkur

Vijayawada: On the sixth day of annual Brahmotsavams of Lord Balaji in Chilkur, the presiding deity bedecked in jewellery and flowers rode Ashwa Vahanam. Priests on the occasion explained that witnessing the Lord riding on Ashwa is equivalent to having the blessings by Lord Hayagriva for better academic excellence. They also explained about Dhopu Seva, which reflects the history of Thirumangai Alwar.

Anxious to serve the Lord, Thirumangai resorts to robbing the rich and one day to enlighten him and bring him on the path of salvation, the Lord along with his consort, ventures into the forest, where Thirumangaia is waylaying the rich to rob them, dressed as a newly married couple.

When Thirumangai tries to rob them, he could not and realises that the person whom he wanted to rob was the Lord himself, whom he wanted to serve all along. Perumal teaches him a mantra to bring him on the right path and names him Kaliyan, which means most respectful. He is also called Parikalan. The entire episode was enacted in Addala Mandapam.Arrangements were made for Chakrasnanam ritual on Wednesday