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Lightning in Telangana claims life of man, leaves 40 goats dead

Hyderabad: Telangana saw a tragic incident yesterday, as heavy rainfall, hailstorm, and lightning were witnessed in the state.

The lightning in Telangana claimed the life of a young tribal shepherd and over 40 sheep in the Nagarjunasagar mandal of Nalgonda district.

The young man named Saidanayak from Chintala Thanda used to make a living by rearing goats. He had taken the goats to the forest for grazing and stopped them under a tree after grazing since morning.

While it was raining heavily, suddenly there was a thunderbolt with a loud noise. As a result, the young man and about 40 goats under the tree died on the spot due to lightning in Telangana.

The villagers came to know about the incident and reached the spot. Uncomfortable scenes of the disaster due to lightning in Telangana went viral on social media.

Though, it is important to stay indoors during lightning, even if caught outside during a thunderstorm, it is necessary to stay away from metal objects, water bodies, and electrical appliances.

Today, Telangana is expected to witness heavy rainfall again. Although it is expected to be less intense than yesterday, people are advised to stay indoors during lightening and take necessary precautions to avoid any untoward incidents.

Lightning is a common occurrence during thunderstorms and can be dangerous.