Andhra Pradesh

Krishna, Godavari dams to get copious inflows

VIJAYAWADA: With heavy and continuous rainfall in Krishna and Godavari catchment areas, major irrigation projects on both the rivers are expected to get heavy inflows. The Central Water Commission (CWC) has also forecast that the water level in major reservoirs in the upper riparian States is expected to rise in the next two-three days as Indian Meteorological Department predicted heavy rainfall in Maharashtra and Coastal Karnataka.

According to Thursday’s flood forecast report of CWC, Godavari level will surge due to rains. “Rainfall is occurring over Marathwada, Telangana, South Chhattisgarh and Coastal Andhra Pradesh. Hence, there will be water level rise in main Godavari in the reaches between Kaleshwaram and Dowleswaram. River Indravati is also expected to rise along its course up to its confluence with Godavari. River Pranahita is expected to rise in Maharashtra up to its confluence with Godavari, creating increased inflow into Laxmi barrage. Sriramsagar (Telangana) releases, and combined effect of flow from Indravati, Sabari, Pranahita and main Godavari, will be realised at Polavaram dam that is under construction. Hence, precautions need to be taken,” the CWC sounded caution.

Sir Arthur Cotton Barrage at Dowleswaram recorded an inflow of 62,200 cusecs and an outflow of 63,600 cusecs. In Krishna basin, inflows into Srisailam reservoir rose in the day and continued to remain steady by evening. As of 7 pm, the major reservoir has 73 TMC at 846.62 feet with an inflow of 64,500 cusecs and an outflow of 22,000 cusecs. At 6 am, the project had 67 TMC of water with an average inflow of 96,000 cusecs in the preceding 24 hours and around 28,000 cusecs outflow from the power house on the left bank. Telangana authorities continued to generate hydel power using one unit, but are likely to once again operate more units as water level rises.