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Kendriya Vidyalaya students falling sick remains a mystery

Kakinada: The reports of the expert committee as well as those of the labs have failed to establish any valid reason pertaining to the sudden fainting of the students of Kendriya Vidyalaya recently.

District Collector Krithika Shukla categorically stated that the reports of expert committee and the lab reports contained no valid reason pertaining to the breathlessness and fainting of KV students.

On September 6, 18 students from KV were admitted in Government General Hospital in Kakinada following the problems of breathlessness. After two days, they quickly recovered and were discharged, and attended school normally.

But two of them, after discharge, fell sick and the parents immediately contacted Principal B Sekhar, who advised them to have a thorough check-up. After recovery only they should attend the school, he said.

As per the Principal’s suggestion, the parents took their children to GGH-Kakinada and got them checked. Owing to paucity of beds in the hospital, students were sent back without any treatment and they approached a private hospital for immediate treatment. later, they recovered and became normal.

Collector Krithika Shukla stated that no clue was found in the food and blood samples for the illness of the 18 KV students and nothing was found in lab reports and expert committee report. She clarified that there were no chemicals and toxic gas at the time of incident in Kendriya Vidyalaya.

“After thorough investigation, the experts committee found no harmful material or gas in the incident. They also examined oxygen and chemical levels in the samples and found no harmful content,” the Collector informed. But some parents questioned why the children became unconscious suddenly and developed breathlessness.

They also alleged that both experts committee and lab technicians miserably failed to find out the reason for the Also Meanwhile, the Collector paid a surprise visit to Kendriya Vidyalaya on Sunday and interacted with the staff and students regarding the incident.

She inspected the premises of Kendriya Vidyalaya and inspected water tank. She elicited information from students regarding the mode of instruction and methodology adopted for teaching. The students gave a positive reply about the quality of instruction and expressed satisfaction about the way of school functioning.

Collector Krithika Shukla asked students and parents not to get freighted or worried about the incident, adding that she personally checked classrooms including ventilation.

She stated that necessary efforts will be made regarding the infrastructure facilities in the school. A special lab will be created instead of a general classroom, she assured.