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KCR’s daughter Kavitha ‘thanks’ Telangana governor

Hyderabad: Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) leader K. Kavitha on Thursday ‘thanked’ Telangana Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan for what she called “echoing the vision of Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao”.

Kavitha, daughter of the chief minister, took to Twitter to react to the Republic Day speech of the governor, who took a swipe at the chief minister.

“Choosing country’s infrastructure over central vista during the pandemic, is what we demanded. Choosing farmers, labourers, unemployed youth over focusing on wealth generation for a few is exactly what we have been fighting for. Thank you for echoing the vision of CM KCR Garu,” wrote Kavitha, who is a member of Telangana Legislative Council.

The governor had made certain remarks apparently to target KCR in her speech during Republic Day celebrations at Raj Bhavan.

She remarked that a few should not have farm houses. “New buildings are not development. Nation building is development. All farmers and marginalised people should have farms and houses. Few should not have farm houses. That is not the development,” said the Governor.

“Everyone should have equal share in the development. My child should study in a university which has world-class infrastructure. It is the development. Sending my child abroad for education is not development,” the governor added.

Opposition parties, especially the BJP, have been targeting KCR for his farm house and also palatial official residence Pragati Bhavan built a few years ago.

Meanwhile, BJP state president Bandi Sanjay Kumar has said that KCR, who insults the constitution, judicial bodies and national flag, has no right to be in this country. “By not celebrating Republic Day at Parade Grounds despite court’s order, the Chief Minister insulted Dr B R Ambedkar. Do u have guts to tell other states CMs not to celebrate national festival?,” tweeted Sanjay.

“In TS, to celebrate Republic Day we have to ask Court. Do u want constitution designed by Ambedkar which makes Indians stand tall or Kalvakuntla constitution where people are slaves?,” he asked.

“Parade is organized to increase patriotism among people & explain greatness of Constitution. But in TS dictator aka Nizam is at helm of affairs. Time is a great equaliser & even Hitler couldn’t escape it. KCR wants politics even on Republic Day. CM is in depression,” wrote the BJP leader.

Sanjay alleged that KCR only wants to praise other countries. He stated that BJP will block what he calls ‘Kalvakuntla constitution’ at every step.

For a second consecutive year, Republic Day celebrations were held at Raj Bhavan. On a petition filed by a citizen, the Telangana High Court had asked the state government to organise celebrations with a ceremonial parade. The court, however, left the choice of the venue to the government.

KCR and his Cabinet colleagues skipped the Republic Day event at Raj Bhavan.