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Kadem Dam out of danger as water level lowers; no damage to nearby villages

Hyderabad: The water level in Kadem Dam has lowered from the dangerous 700 meters mark to 698 meters mark, thanks to an adjacent bridge where the excess water is currently flowing.

“The Kadem Dam can handle 3 lakh cusecs (cubic feet per second). However, in the present situation, the dam is receiving extra 2 lakh cusecs. We feared a breach in the dam due to this but fortunately, the water level was reduced because there was a nearby bridge adjacent to the dam. The excess water is flowing over it,” said Ziauddeen Ahmed, a retired superintendent engineer who has worked in the Kalleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project.

Ahmed explained that the bridge faces open land with no residential population. Hence, even if the bridge overflows there would be no loss of human lives.

“As the water flows over the bridge, the water level in the dam which was 700 meters has now reduced to 698 meters, which is a good sign. There is no danger to either the dam or the nearby villages,” he said.

Earlier, amid a high alert in Telangana, residents from 12 villages in the Nirmal district were evacuated as Kadem Dam’s water levels crossed the danger mark on Wednesday. The water levels touched 699.8 feet against the full capacity of 700 feet as officials issued a red alert.

According to the officials, the water inflow has climbed to five lakh cusecs.

Residents of the Dasturabad Mandal villages of Godgudem, Rampur, Munyala, and Godisiryala were rescued via private school buses. They were sent to support facilities at Kasturba Gandhi Zilla Parishad High School, Ashram School, and Rythu Vedika.

While serious crop damage is been reported, many roads have been impacted by the flood water.

Up until July 13, the dam discharged 3 lakh cusecs of water into the catchment regions. Only 17 of the 18 gates have been opened.

State minister of Endowments and Law, A Indrakaran Reddy inspected the situation with the revenue and irrigation authorities as well as collector Musharraf Faruqui and district superintendent of police Praveen Kumar.

People from susceptible locations would be relocated to a higher level for safety reasons, it was determined. Additional settlements are being discussed being evacuated as more rainfall is entering the dam from reservoirs. In the past 24 hours, the Nirmal district received 267.3 mm of precipitation.