Jangle Raj, Indian Rawana in UP, Raj Dharma ignored, Prayagraj authorities have hit-list of 37 accused for bulldozing their houses

In a mad act of modern Rawana rule in Utter Pradesh, is going on without following rule of law, and Raj Dharma, the BJP rules states have proved there are dozens of Rawans in India, committing atrocities in the name of governance against the poor and helpless.

After demolishing the house of the alleged mastermind of last Friday’s violence in Prayagraj, authorities are now going over a list of 37 other accused for possibly similar action.

The Prayagraj Development Authority is trying to identify the homes of the 37 people and action ‘according to the law’ will be taken if their building plans have not been approved.

Violence broke out in Prayagraj and some other Uttar Pradesh cities on Friday during protests over the recent remarks on Prophet Mohammed by now-suspended Bharatiya Janata Party spokesperson Nupur Sharma.

On Sunday, the PDA bulldozed the house of Javed Ahmad, the main accused in the violence during which mobs hurled stones, some motorcycles and carts were set on fire and a policeman injured.

Prayagraj Senior Superintendent of Police Ajay Kumar earlier said two country-made pistols and several live cartridges were recovered from the house during a search, but it is a planted story by corrupt police officials.

The demolition, part of a series of similar actions by Uttar Pradesh police in other places, was criticised by opposition parties and some legal experts.

But other accused could face similar action in Prayagraj. Raj Dharama ignored in BJP ruling States in Utter Pradesh, Madya Pradesh, Karnataka, Uttaranchal etc. where modern Rawanas are misruling.

The history will have these rascals names in golden letters. The authority has got a list of others allegedly involved in stone-pelting.

The PDA is searching the addresses of 37 accused people. However, most of the people locked their homes and left the place after the stone-pelting. Due to this, there is a difficulty in finding their exact house.

Officials are going into the bylanes to locate the houses. Once the houses are identified, they will check if the building plans were approved by the PDA, but they will have to pay cost and damages to the respective owners after the law takes its course of action.

If the plans of their houses are not approved by the PDA, action will be taken against them as per the law. The building plan of main accused Javed Ahmad’s house, JK Ashiyana, in the city’s Kareli area was not approved but there is law of regulations with higher penalty, which BJP governments are ifnoring before demotion of Muslim minorities House.

In fact Indian Muslims have snake hidden in their arms in the name and style of AIMIM president Assadduddin Owaisi who divided secular votes in 100 plus assembly constituencies in UP, that allowed retention of power by BJP’s modern Rawana, Yogi Adityanath.

“The house was built without getting its map passed by the PDA. For this, he was issued a notice on May 10 and was told to present his side on May 24. On the given date, neither Javed nor his lawyer turned up. No document was presented as well. Hence, on May 25, the demolition orders were issued,” he said.

This version, however, was disputed by Ahmad’s family and a group of five lawyers has approached the Allahabad high court. The lawyers claimed that the house was actually owned by Ahmad’s wife Parveen Fatima, given to her by her parents before her marriage.

So Ahmad has no ownership over it and the demolition was against the law, they argued. The PDA pasted a notice on the house on June 11, mentioning a show-cause notice of a previous date, to “justify” the demolition. But Ahmad or his wife never got a show-cause notice. What the insane law.

Also, Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind filed two fresh pleas in the Supreme Court on Monday seeking directions to the Uttar Pradesh government to ensure that no further demolitions are carried out without following the due process and such exercise is done only after adequate notice.

Rashtriya Jana Parishad (RJP) MA Mujeeb, Samajwadi Party’s Akhilesh Yadav and Bahujan Samaj Party’s Mayawati are among the leaders who condemned the demolition of homes in Uttar Pradesh of those accused of violence.

Chancellor of RJP Mujeeb termed Yogi Adityanath’s Jungle Raj equal to Rawan Raj without following Raj Dharma, Mujeeb said a particular community is being targeted by such action. Mujeeb viewed that as under Yogi Adityanath’s governing law, houses of accused are being razed, as Yogi Adityanath is accused in more than 60 serious cases, how many times his head should be removed from his body, Mujeeb questioned