Jamait–I-Islami Hind promotes peace, prosperity, communal harmony in Conference titled “Lailaha Illallah”

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Hyderabad : The Conference was started with the recitation of holy Quran and a Tarana by Br. Mohammed. After Tarana Mr. Azher Saheb addressed the gathering and informed about the object of the Conference and also he emphasized that if the Muslims have character “Things can change”.

Mr. Layeeq Ahmed Khan of S.I.O. addressed the gathering said that behind every revolution there is the support of the youth. He said that due to demonetization there is a fall of 2 percent of GDP, it means we are thrown 20 years back in development. He also said that after 2014 our country suffered many problems.

Further Mr. Khan said that there is Hate, Violence, Intolerance and Terrorism in our country but Muslims are not doing this and they are not behind it. The Universities have become hub of Inter Mafia gangs. He said that High Drop Outs of Muslims in educational institutions is a of great concern.

He said that 46 percent of Economy is in the hands of Bania Community and 44% of Economy is controlled by Brahmins, Upper Caste people whereas the remaining is holding by other people and Muslims have only 1 ½ percent share in the total economy. He emphasized that Muslims should excel in education and build Pious Character.

Mr. Naveed Ahmed form Delhi in his address to the gathering said that in our country the poison of hatred and enmity is spreading, but we need not to fear, we have seen worst conditions than today’s. We never gets disappointed and we never fear. He said that this Government is not the anti-Muslim Government but it is a anti National Government.

Mr. Ahmed said that we have to preserve peace and we have to make friendship atleast with one Dalit and 2 upper caste people. He said that we have to take part in National Issues and condemn Communal Politics. He said that even after facing trials of false cases against them and spending 15 to 20 years in Jails our youth have not choosen Terrorism but they have faith and respect for Indian Law and  Judiciary.

Mr. Moulana Hafiz Abdul Qayyum (President Jamiat Ahle Hadees) in his address said that I submit my greeting and wishes to Jamait–i-Islami Hind for organizing such a great City Conference and he said that it is the need of the hour.

Mr. Qayyum said that Whenever you say, say only Truth Allah (SWT) will make your lives good, he added that the Truth is that “There is no God except Allah”. He also said Allah (SWT) loves those who says Truth. He recited a verse from holy Quran, meaning of it is “O Believers save yourself and your families from the Fire of Hell.

Mr. Mohammed Ali Shabbir (Opposition Leader- Telangana) said that Sang Parivar likes to erase our history. He added that Mohammed Bin Qasim saved the women from Tyranny of Ruler of Punjab Muslims and made a great patronage to this country. He said that 90 percent Tourists from around the World comes to India to see the Monuments constructed by the Muslim Rulers. 20 percent of the State revenue comes from the sale of Tickets at Taj Mahal.

Mr. Shabbir who tirelessly worked for 4 percent reservation to Muslim community professionals on par with Hindu Bakward Classes said that Aurangzeb (R.A.) was wrongly presented in history but Auranbzeb (R.A.) was a very Secular, he had given thousands of acres of land to Hindus for the maintenance of Temples in North India. He said that people forgot Tipu Sultan (R.A.), the First Indian Freedom fighter who fought against the Britishers and he was the inventor of Rocket technology and later it was developed by Muslim Scientist A.P.J Abdul Kalam.

Mr. M.A.Shabbir famously known among intellectuals as the champion of Muslim reservation, educated the audience that Moulana Azad laid Indian Education policy and given a huge amount to the Kasturba Trust, wife of Gandhi. He said that National Counsel for Education, Research and Training (NCERT) Board is captured by the Sang Parivar and trying to change the educational syllabus as per their choice.

He emphasized that today fight is intellectual fight and we have to understand this and unite and fight against those who are trying to erase our history. He said that a section of Muslim sect should come out of bad vices such as taking interest on loans and Muta Marriage system. He appreciated the efforts of Jamait–i-Islami Hind in spreading peace, progress and communal hormony across the nation.

Mr. Mujtaba Farooq, in his speech said that Faith (Imaan) and Fear cannot live together. He advocated that Islam was, Islam is and Islam will be. He said that there is forgiveness in Islam but not revenge, by giving the reference of “Victory of Makka” where the Prophet of Islam announced Pardon to all enemies instead of taking revenge against them.

Mr. Farooq praised the heritage and culture of Nizam State, he also mentioned that once there were financial crisis in England at that time Nizam State financially helped England. He said that the Muslims are the Salt for this country. Without Salt there is no taste in food). He emphasized that Msslim Society used to think that it is only 15 percent and other societies are 85% and also united.

Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi, member of parliament addressing the gathering said that there is dearth of people who used to work for the Millat. He said that Muslim is one who fights against the Batil. In our country, a human being is being killed for an animal. He emphasized that if we get united we can fight the anti- nationals.

Talking about Taj Mahal Owaisi underlined the architectural importance of Taj and questioned the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) whether if it can build a window of Taj Mahal. He condemned the GST because of its variance day by day. Regarding health of Muslims he said that Prophet of Islam “Mohammed” used to walk long distances hence they were healthy.

Mr. M.M Khan, the Chairman Wakf Board called upon the need of Iqamat-e-Deen is obligatory on every Muslim but it is not the job of a Jamat or Group. He said that to bring the mislead people on right track is the Iqamat-e-Deen. He questioned that who is superior, Human Being or Animal, the Sun or the Moon?

Mr. Mahmood Ali, the Deputy Chief Minister of welafre State of Telanagana in his address called upon the unity of Muslims and as well as Muslim leadersship. He also said that Muslims are wasting their time and money in useless activities.

The Dy CM who also hold the charge of the Revenue, Minorities Departments, emphasized for the very need of Muslim’s advancement that can be achieved only when they educate their children well. Muslims must be highly educated, they do business and promote cottage industries and developed. Regarding communalism, the Dy CM, Mahmood Ali suggested to have good behavior with others. He said that Islamic education reduces crime and eradicate criminals from the Society.

Mr. Hamid Mohammed Khan (President JIH Telangana Chapter) in his presidential speech said that there is great need to become True Muslims. He said that there is no value for the nominal Muslim. He added that providing Guidance to the mankind is the responsibility and duty of the Muslims.

Mr. Hamid said Islam provides every good thing to this world and mankind and suggested the gathering to remember the great deeds of our Elders and their remarkable works. He also said that Muslims must lead their lives only as per Guidance of holy Quran and Sunnah and do the Dawah work.

Mr. Sadiq Ahmed (Dawah Secretary JIH) speaking about Dawah programme told that the Dawah Program is starting from 3 December to 17 December 2017 on the theme “MOHAMMED FOR ALL”.

He said that Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is the prophet of all the sects, so all the sects should participate in this campaign even Shias also for spreading the Message of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) to the people of other religions and prime focus should be on personal meetings. He also told that all the types of social medial must be used for this purpose.

Dr. Taha Mateen (Great Social Activist and Secretary JIH Karnataka) addressing the gathering said that Object makes us active. How much Time & Money we spent on a thing that indicate our Object. Spending more and more time and more and more money in the way of Allah or for the cause of Allah (SWT) is the correct object and others are not, but people are spending their more and more time and money on other things except for cause of Allah.

Dr Mateen said few people say Allah hu Akbar whereas a majority of people say other things as Akbar. He said that we have learnt short cuts for every thing but in order to get success of eternal life and for eradication of evils from society, we have to work hard and offer ourselves for sacrifice in the way of Allah.

He emphaisized that Dawath work should be aim of our life and it was the aim of our beloved Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). He also said that we have to obey Amir and his directions for systematically doing of Dawah work as per Plan. He said “Basna tha humko logon ke dilon mein laiken hum base hain whatsapp main” .

Mr. Mohammed Rashaduddin (President JIH Grater Hyderabad) gave a very beautifully explaination that the Makr (Plan) of Allah (SWT) and the Makr of people (Non- Believers).

When King and his people made makr against Jesus Allah also made Makr and saved and uplifted Jesus. Likewise brothers of Joseph made Makr of killing him Makr of Allah saved him and later made him Minister of Egypt, he said. The Pagans of Arabia made Makr to kill Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) Allah also made Makr and saved him made him the Great Ruler of Arabia, he said.

He also recited the story of Ashab-e-Kahaf, when the King made Makr against them and forced them to convert to his religion against the religion of Allah (SWT) , the Almighty Allah saved them from the Makr of the king.

He said that Pharoah made Makr against Moses, and Allah (SWT) also made Makr against Pharaoh and saved Moses from his clutches. It means to say that Allah (SWT) is always with the Momins and His Makr never fails.

He said that today Israel is the world largest producer and seller of arms and ammunition to the world for the destruction of the world. In the end he conveyed a great message to all the Muslims that we must become true Muslim and whole-heartedly convey the message of Allah (SWT) to one and all and to work hard for the “Iqamat-E-Deen” the establishment of the Rule of Allah.

Waliullah Saeedi (Secretary JIH New Delhi – Tarbiyat) addressing the conference said that bad deeds are like Cancer it spreads quickly and widely hence it should be stopped. He said that Allah (SWT) is the only owner of this world and he made Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) as Witness for conveying his message.

He said that on the day of Judgment Sahaba will be the witness, evidencing that Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) conveyed His message to all. We will be the witness of people of our areas, if we do Dawah work. He said that Allah (SWT) called as “KHAIR-E-UMMAT”, hence we must do best deeds. He said that people of Makka forcibly evicted Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) from Makka because he wants to establish Rule of Allah (SWT) in Makka, because all the land belongs to Allah (SWT) only.

He suggested that we must build strong “Taluq-Billah” strong connection with Allah (SWT) by remembering Him, by Praising Him, and by seeking help from Him. He openly said that there is no Moula, but Moula is Allah, the Great.

He further said that we are the builders of this world and we only can establish Justice in this world.

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