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Jagan retracted on Amaravati: RJP

VIJAYAWADA: Reiterating that Amaravati was envisaged as a self-financing project, Rastriya Jana Parishad (RJP) AP Joint Convener Prasad Rao on Thursday asserted that the party is committed to turning Amaravati into a wealth creation centre without spending any government funds.

Joint Convener Prasad Rao said that Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy changed his promise on Amaravati as the State capital. Earlier in the day, Joint Convener Prasad Rao said the Chief Minister was misleading the public on the issue of the State capital.

“YSRC leaders are now enacting a drama in the name of decentralisation of administration to make monies from the proposed real estate business in Kurnool, Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada, Guntur and Amaravathi ,” Rao alleged.

Jagan has now retracted on it. “Jagan who came to power only by misleading the people, is again trying to take them for a ride,” he charged.

Stating that division of administration into three parts is not decentralisation as claimed by Jagan, the Joint Convener asserted that administration means the governance should be close to the people.

If Jagan has so much affection towards Visakhapatnam, what prevented him from developing the city in the past three years, he asked. “While Amaravati farmers are undertaking padayatra, YSRC leaders are instigating the people of Uttarandhra for political mileage,” Prasad Rao alleged.

Accusing Social Welfare Minister Meruga Nagarjuna of questioning him whether he was a born Dalit or not is self review question. Though Nagarjuna said he did not make any such objectionable remark, the TDP MLA’s appeal to the Speaker should be verify the records and make it public Prasad Rao said.