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It’s the one thing that keeps me awake at night: Pakistan PM Imran Khan on soaring inflation

New Delhi: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday (January 23, 2022) commented on the skyrocketing inflation in the country and said that the rise in prices is the only issue that keeps him awake at night.

Responding to a question during live calls by the public, Khan said that the biggest challenge Pakistan faces today is inflation and rising prices of commodities.

“I am well aware and cognisant of the issues being faced by the common man due to rising prices,” he added.

“It is the only issue that keeps me awake at night,” he expressed but hastened to add that the rise in the prices was a global phenomenon and even the UK and EU were facing this issue.

The Pakistan Prime Minister then dwelt at length on the issue of prices and his efforts to fix the economic problems, including inflation, which his government had been trying to address through a raft of measures.

“My government also spent $8 billion on the welfare of the people to offset the impact of the coronavirus,” he said and added that the money spent was little compared to rich countries and said that the US spent $6,000 billion for the welfare of the people.

Khan said that apart from Covid-19, his government had to face the Afghan crisis as, after the Taliban takeover, dollars started flowing out of Pakistan which had a negative impact on the rupee.

He also defended his performance and said that the net wealth had increased as the World Bank had estimated an increase of 5.37 per cent in Pakistan’s GDP.

“The increase was due to solid policies,” Khan said.

He said that the production of cars and motorcycles was at an all-time high and the corporate sector made big profits while the agriculture sector also did very well.

Imran Khan also warned the Opposition parties that he would be more dangerous if they forced him to step down as he ruled out granting any concession to them.

“If I take to the streets, then you (opposition parties) won’t find any place to hide,” he said.

Khan stated that his government will complete its current term and also win the next general elections.